Sets on the Edge Will Chiles                                                                   Photo: Donald Lee

Will Chiles is a graduate of Missouri State University with a degree in music and religious studies.  He has also studied victim/offender mediation, dead languages, and Music Learning Theory.  After graduating from MSU, Will worked as a cook, Wilderness First Responder, and liturgical composer in the Cascade Mountains at Holden Village, Washington.  After spending a time as a cook in Wisconsin, he helped build a Net-Zero Energy/LEED Certified/Smart/tornado resistant house for his uncle (Rockspan.com).  In the fall of 2014, he was a Banff Centre Artist in Residence.

Will is currently working on resetting folk lyrics from Carl Sandburg’s American Songbag and collaborating with NES artist Platinumfungi and is delighted to be the Composer-in-Residence for the Springfield Chamber Chorus.

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