• And there were Shepherds Living in the Fields Nearby
    (Springfield Chamber Chorus performance, December, 2013.
    St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Springfield, Missouri)
    SATB with Solo  Text: Gaudete (Traditional)
    For the Springfield Chamber Chorus’ 2013 December Concert, William Gowers, director.
    19, Choral 7, 2013
  • Psalm 141 (Bay Psalm Book)
    (Amy Jameson Graduate Choral Recital, University Heights Baptist Church, Springfield, MO; June 23 2013)
    SATB, Choral Arrangement of Psalm 141 from Holden Vespers (RWC)
    For the Jameson Graduate Recital Choir, Amy Jameson, director. June, 2013.
    17, Choral 6, 2013
  • Don’t get Trouble in Your Mind
    (Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle and High School Choir performance, May 1, 2013)
    SATB, Traditional American Folk-Song Arrangement.
    For the Maplewood-Richmond Heights Concert Choir. Nicholas Urvan, director.

    16, Choral 5, 2013
  • Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Springfield Chamber Chorus performance)
    SATB, traditional advent hymn.
    A processional arranged for the Springfield Chamber Chorus, William T. Grega, Director.

    15, Choral 4, 2012
  • Full of Dreams                                                                                                                                   SATB, Text by John Keats, Mariah Medina (student), and Will Chiles.
    For the Maplewood-Richmond Heights Concert Choir in honor of Dr. Linda Henke for her dedicated leadership and service in the community. Nicholas Urvan, director.

    12, Choral 3, 2012
  • Pieta, While In St. Peter’s, Rome  (Springfield Chamber Chorus performance)                        SATB, Text by John Graber.
    For the Springfield Chamber Chorus, James Davidson, Director.

    10, Choral 2, 2012
  • Poikilos Autumn  (Holden Village choral music video)                                                                   SATB, Text by Will based on a letter by John Keats to John Reynolds.
    For the Holden Village All-Star Choir, Will Chiles, Guest Conductor.

    7, Choral 1, 2011