Holden Village Choral Music Video: Poikilos Autumn -Choral

Poikilos Autumn

Here’s a choral music video: Poikilos Autumn. The footage is from a retreat center in the Washington Cascades called Holden Village. A lot of folks helped with it and I’m glad to put it out there for you!

How Beautiful the season!
How Fine and Sharp the air!
I never liked the fields ’til now,
‘Til Autumn lit the Air.

It’s better than cold spring-time,
It’s Golden everywhere.
The Stubble fields are Touched with Rose,
Like a Picture everywhere.

And How I wish for All the World
To see this Vision Fair!
The Sun’s Pure Light, my Soul’s delight,
When Autumn Lit the Air.

I had tried to use thematerial that this piece is based on for two other projects. But none of them quite worked out.  It was kind of an orphan tune.

Now, I think it’s found a home. I hope you enjoy.

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