Pieta, While in St. Peter’s, Rome -Choral

Performed by the Springfield Chamber Chorus.  The poem is by a good friend of mine and former Wisconsin neighbor, John Graber.

“Pieta, While in St. Peter’s, Rome”
I think the world
is like the feet of the Pieta
and shines out of the dark arches only
when touched by hands that believe in it.
I think that when the feet
are worn away by touch,
people will climb up the body of Christ
until he’s worn onto a world of hands,
a shining marble dust,
and then, the night’s white, worn pearl,
river stone moon Mary will smile,
and we’ll all be home.

Poem by John Graber

john1144a (at) centurytel (dot) net
John reading from his book, “Thanksgiving Dawn”, at the Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City:


Performed by The Springfield Chamber Chorus, May 25th, 2012

Mandy Shelton, Soprano
Amy Jameson, Mezzo
James Davidson, Artistic Director
Will Chiles, Guest Conductor

Special Thanks
University Heights Baptist Church
Jeremy Borg
Missouri Film Alliance
Springfield Regional Arts Council

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