Short Film Scores

Batman: Arkham Suburbs (3:03)
Comedy spoof by youtube sketch comedy group mikeNgary
14, Short Film 8, 2012

The Graying Pages (5:01) (Remix of ‘Pieta, While in St. Peter’s Rome’)
For the 2012 SATO 48 hour film challenge.
Remix by Sam Gibson
Directed by Jeremy Borg
13, Short Film 7, 2012

Trailer: ‘Kenya: Until Hope is Found’ (3:34) (additional music)
Trailer for documentary about how to achieve reconciliation after the 2007 Kenyan post-election violence.
Directed and Produced by Patrick Mureithi
11, Short Film 6, 2012

Wisconsin Farmers Union presentation tunes
Music for Wisconsin organic farmers’ presentation.
Directed by Louie Fisher
9, Short Film 5, 2012

Legend of Zelda NES Case Mod (1:23)
Video to highlight a custom Nintendo game console modified by Ryan Fitzpatrick.
Can you find the musical Easter Eggs?
Produced by Ryan Fitzpatrick (aka PlatniumFungi)
8, Short Film 4, 2012

Synchronicity (4:59)
For the 2011 SATO 48 hour film challenge.
Produced by Heather Slater
6, Short Film 3, 2011

Aurora Australis (16:03) (Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic Trek)
Directed by Louie Fisher.
Produced and Written by Louie Fisher and Will Chiles
5, Short Film 2, 2010

Les Artistes (4:37)
A musical fantasy.  Winner of the Jury Prize, Flyway Film Festival 2009.
Directed by Louie Fisher
4, Short Film 1, 2009

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