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Wayfaring Stranger – Tinydesk 2017, with Have Fun Storming the Kasell

I had the good pleasure of recording my new version of Wayfaring Stranger with the talented Liz Carney, Molly Healey, and Austin Wilson.  We gathered at Molly’s house and put it together.  We used some ribbon mics that I made to record the song.

The track can be found on my Bandcamp page.

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If you’d like us to email you when we’re playing in your area, please include your zip code, too.

Thanks to my brother Steve for the band name pun idea. It’s from – “But wait, wait, don’t tell me!” I hear you say.  Well, as you wish  : )

Drivin’ Steel – American Songbag Project

Drivin’ Steel – American Songbag Project

Originally posted for the Tiny Desk Concert contest.

I’ve been taking lyrics from traditional songs and writing new songs for them. These words are kind of like old marble steps that have been chipped and worn by time and feet, but they still help folks take a step up. The lyrics are from an old work song called “Drivin’ Steel”
that the poet and author, Carl Sandburg, collected in his “American Songbag” (1927) compilation.

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